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The Naples Fire Table

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The Naples Fire Pit Table by Firetainment

The Naples Fire Table in use with the optional Cooking Package


  • Available in 24″ Casual Dine Height or 21″ Chat Height
  • Choice Of Granite Top and Base Colors
  • Choice of Colored Fire Glass
  • Stainless steel 40,000 BTU Penta Burner
  • Connects to any standard 20 lb propane tank
  • Available with Optional Cooking Package
  • Easy installation – base and components are pre-assembled
  • Marine-grade Powder Coated Aluminum Base Enclosure
  •  ANSI Certified
  • Made in the USA

The Naples Fire Table from Firetainment is a 54 inch diameter round table, which allows you to enjoy fine dining with your friends and family alfresco. It is the most popular in the Firetainment range and will easily seat 6 people and up to 10 can be arranged around the table.

Table Height Options.

Your table is available in two heights.                                     Diagram Show Height Options Of The Table Top  

  1. Chat height is 21” 
  2. Casual Dine height 24" clearence under the table top

Chat height is ideal for low profile seating such as a couch or love seat.
Casual Dine height is designed for standard seating, and the correct height to allow for cooking, whilst still being able to see and interact with others seated at the table.

Base Color Options.

The base of your table is available in two finishes, both are powder coated. The base enclosure’s powder coat finish is warranted for seven (7) years from peeling or chipping under normal use and working conditions and is available in Black or Bronze.

Examples of the Base Color OptionsTable Top Granite Options.

Having decided what base height and color best suits your requirements, now you need to pick your table top options. The Naples table has four choices of 3 cm. thick Granite Tops.

  1. Santa Cecilia.
  2. Tan Brown.
  3. Azul Plantino.
  4. Black Pearl.

Images Showing The Color Options Of The Granite Tops

 You also have a choice of how the edge of the granite table edge is finished, as shown.Choose either the Polished Finish or The Rockface Finish.


Fire Glass Options:


The icing on this particular cake could be considered as the Fire Glass. Firetainment offer a choice of 10 reflective fire glass colors. Reflective fire glass has one surface of the piece of glass finished with a mirrored coating, which beautifully reflects the light from the flames to add an extra special sparkle to your fire table. Firetainment use only premium fire glass in their fire tables.

Choose a color that best compliments your choosen granite top color.

Cooking Package

So far you have selected your favorite variations available in the Naples Table specification, and are in the process of creating a beautiful looking outdoor fire pit table.

However, what makes a Firetainment fire table the An Image Of The Optional Cooking Packagemost versatile outdoor patio table on the market is its ability to convert into a Hibachi style cooking station with this optional cooking package:

  • The patent pending universal cook mount is designed to set directly on top of the fire pan over the burner and in conjunction with the burner system, gives ample heat transfer for cooking.
  •  The universal cook mount is compatible with many other cooking elements allowing anyone, novice or professional, to cook almost anything. Most compatible items customers already cook on at home.
  •  The adjustable flame height controls the cooking temperature, making it easy to go from quesadillas for kids, to searing steaks for adults within minutes. And with the included surface mount temperature gauge you’ll always know what temperature you’re cooking at.
  •  Since there is no direct contact from food to flame, there is no smoke.

 Included in the Cooking Package:

  1. Tempered Glass wind guard, to keep the flame steady in breezy conditions, and therefore an even cooking tempreture.
  2. Universal cook mount is the unique cooking stand that converts the fire pit table into a Hibachi style cooking station.
  3. 14” cast iron griddle, an ideal all round cooking utensil to start off with.
  4. (2) Himalayan salt cooking blocks bring a truely exotic flavour to your cooking.
  5. Surface mount thermometer to give you the ultimate control over the tempreture
  6. Set of (2) cooking mitts vital for handling the hot griddle.


 The first time I saw the Firetainment grill, my mind began to spin, thinking of all the foods I could cook with this new way of grilling. Not only have those thoughts become reality, they have exceeded what I thought I could do. The way that vegetables caramelize on the griddle is unlike any other way to cook them. Shrimp and other forms of seafood cook beautifully. Beef flavors are raised and brings out the wonderful flavor of meat. And amazingly, even desserts – especially strawberries, become sweeter. I have used many grills in my professional life and this one opens up new adventures. And clean up is a snap which is important to any griller. You not only get a beautiful piece of outdoor furniture that will enhance any porch or patio, but you get a new way to grill which will thrill even the non-griller.”  Marci Arthur Professional Chef


Important Note

With so many variables, obviously each fire pit table is made to order, so depending on demand at the time of order, please allow up to four (4) weeks for delivery.

Product Specifications:

  • Each base enclosure is equipped with all stainless steel hardware and adjustable leveling feet to accommodate uneven floors and come pre-assembled within the box it’s shipped in.
  • The base enclosures are made of American manufactured marine grade aluminum and are fabricated using the most advanced manufacturing techniques available.
  • The Firetainment powder coating process utilizes an eco–friendly, state–of-the-art six stage pretreatment process to ensure superior paint adhesion and exceptional corrosion protection against the finish of the product.
  • The base enclosure’s powder coat finish is warranted for seven (7) years from peeling or chipping under normal use and working conditions.
  • The base enclosure is warranted for twenty (20) years on its structural integrity.
  • The tapered design of the base is stylish and conceals the fuel source and all of the stainless steel hardware.
  • The base enclosure access door is easily removed by sliding up and out or reattached by to sliding in and down.

Burner Component Specifications:

  • Firetainment’s stainless steel components are durable creating protection against accidental puncturing of the gas lines when moving the fuel tank in and out of the enclosure. This also prevents damage from any outdoor elements or pests that may chew through the connection lines.
  • The manual valve assembly is constructed of brass fittings which are strong factors in preventing rust or corrosion.
  • The burner pan’s are made of 304 stainless steel and have a high heat coating that reduces heat transfer to the table top, any discoloration caused over time from heat from the burner, and has the ability to be ‘touched-up’ should the customer scratch or mark the burner pan in any way.
  • The 12” 304 stainless steel Penta burner helps with optimizing the tables flame control and provides a consistent symmetrical flame creating a beautiful focal point at the center of each fire table.
  • Each fire table’s burner system operates at 40,000 BTU and can be fueled by either propane or natural gas.
  • Every fire table comes pre-assembled to operate on a standard size propane tank and can easily be converted to natural gas for any hard piped gas system.
  • A natural gas conversion kit is automatically added to any fire pit table order at no additional cost to the customer.
  • The burner’s ignition system is “match lit” creating a very reliable and easy to use fire feature.
  • The manually adjusted control valve is located next to the access panel making it easy to ignite and adjust the flame height.
  • The flame height can be adjusted to a very low setting for ambiance and low heat output (Approx 2” high) or can be adjusted to a higher setting for cooking or to simply increase the heat output (Up to a 18” high flame).
  • All of the fire table’s burner components mentioned above are warranted for five (5) years from the date of purchase.


Check List : Your Choices

  1. Select Height of Table ( Chat Height or Casual Dine Height )
  2. Select Color of Base Unit. ( Black or Bronze Powder Coat )
  3. Select Color of Fire Glass
  4. Select Color of Granite Top
  5. Select Top Edge Finish where applicable ( Polished or Rockface )
  6. Select Whether You Wish To Add Optional Cooking Package ( $399 )

Please Read - Important Notes Regarding Delivery

The shipping companies used to deliver your Fire Table are not contracted to assemble the fire table for you. They will unload the unit on your driveway, or any other location that is reasonably accessible to their delivery vehicle. They are not obliged to deliver it to your rear patio or other location that is not accessible to their truck. You will need 2 or 3 strong people ( depending on the size of the table you ordered ) to lift the granite table top into position.

To see how easy it is to assemble your Firetainment fire pit table, please watch this two minute video.




Warranty Information

5 year limited warranty on burner components 7 year limited warranty on powder coat finish 20 year limited warranty on aluminum base structural integrity