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Square Stainless Steel Drop In Tray with Burner

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Square Drop In Tray complete with Burner

Suitable for both Natural Gas and Propane these Square Drop In Trays make converting practically any shaped vessel into a fire pit for your backyard or terrace. ( Providing its relatively heat proof)

Manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel so it won't rust and with drainage holes drilled into the base these trays are supplied complete with the appropriate sized stainless steel burners. 

Why Use a Tray? 

There are three good reasons to use a tray in your fire pit.

1. If you are using Propane to fuel your system then it is generally considered best practice to use a tray, and may in fact be a requirement of local codes.

Why? Propane is heavier than air, so once it is released through the gas ports of the burner, its natural tendency is to sink lower. The tray contains the propane gas in a limited area and helps ensure that it is all burned off efficiently, reducing the risk of pockets of unburnt gas collecting in the fire pit structure.

2. It is very simple to install a tray. During the construction of your fire pit structure, build in a shelf on which the tray can sit and that’s it. All the plumbing is hidden out of sight below the tray, and it is very easy to remove for maintenance.

Square Drop In Tray Specifications