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Round Pan UL Certified

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Round Pan with Thermocouple Flame Sense Electronic Ignition - UL Certified

Drop In pans make the construction of your fire pit project so much easier. Just provide a level platform for the flange of the drop in tray to sit on, and your tray is installed, hiding all the plumbing neatly out of sight underneath and creating a truly great looking fire pit.

 Image Of  How A Drop In Pan Sits Neatly on its Flange For A Professional Looking Fire Pit


Thermocouple Flame Sense Electronic Ignition

The highest level of safety and sophistication you can have on your fire pit is an Electronic Ignition System. Most require an electrical feed run out to your fire pit structure which is not alway possible or convenient.

However, with Firegear Outdoors Thermocouple Flame Sense Electronic Ignition ( TFS ) no power is no problem! 

The Firegear TFS System comes fully assembled so it is easy to install

The TFS System requires no mains electricity as it operates on four (4) AA batteries, allowing you to construct your fire pit virtually anywhere. If you don't want to use batteries than you can just add the A/C Adapter Ref: AF-4000ADP24-80

The TFS system features auto shut-off in case of flame loss. It will then re-light.

The unit comes fully assembled so it is easy to install. Once installed operating your fire pit could not be easier using the supplied On / Off / High / Low remote control.

Round Tray Parts List

There are 4 Size options:

This round try is available in 4 sizes and in both Natural Gas and Propane versions The chart below highlights the specifications of each size tray.

Round Tray TFS Ignition Specifications Table


  • Tested and approved to ANSI Z21,97-2014/CSA 2.41-2014 standards by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • Thermocouple Flame Sense (TFS) Technology with Reliable Direct Spark Ignition ( Non piloted version )
  • Battery Operated Electronic Ignition with Safety Valve
  • Safety Valve turns gas OFF when flame goes out.
  • High / Low adjustable Flame Height
  • Fully assembled and ready to install
  • Each unit ships with 46" tranquiline flex line and all necessary fittings for installation


Detail Diagram Of The Electronic Ignition

Wiring Diagram