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Round Fire Pit Insert – Electronic Ignition - Certified

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Round Fire Pit Insert with Electronic Ignition CSA Certified ( Natural Gas )

Round Fire Pit Inset w/Electronic Ignition

This is the top-of-the-line gas fire pit system from HPC featuring the ignition ease with use of a wall switch as well as auto-relight if flame is lost. It is the most advanced control system with numerous convenience and performance improvements including a redesigned hot surface igniter.

It is available in 19, 25, 31, 37 and 43 inch diameter trays, supplied complete with the appropriate Penta Burner. These inserts have a 1.3 inch lip ( overall size of tray is therefore, tray size + 2 x 1.3. E.g 19" tray overall is 19" + 2 x 1.3 = 21.6 inches. The trays are 2.5 inches deep.

See table below for specifics:

Round Tray Specifications

Important Please Note:

The table above refers to Structure Size 'C'. As per the diagram below, this is the overall size of the structure that the unit is to be fitted into. These are the manufacturers recommendations.


Enclosure Size Recommendation Chart

Supplied fully assembled and ready to install, the control components are protected within stainless steel valve box. Lighting your fire pit is via wall switch, located either indoors or out. The system also features an auto re-light if the flame is extinguished. Ignition is complete using a robust and reliable Hot Surface igniter, and also features an internal temperature monitoring system with overheat auto shutoff.

The unit is powered by a 120 vac standard outdoor grounded power cord- simply plug into GFCI outlet.

As one of the most advanced flame monitoring systems available on the market today, it has been CSA Certified in US & Canada to ANSI Z21.97-2014 / CSA 2.41-2014 requirements. (This new EI system already meets upcoming 2018 ANSI requirements)! These certification should meet with all codes that may be required in the US and Canada.


Ignition Probe


Important Information Re. Venting Your Fire Pit Structure.

The minimum requirement is the enclosure incorporate 1 vent on at least 2 sides (2 vents total) at a minimum size of 18 sq. inches of total free area each (Example: 3”x 6” or larger) to ensure that heat and residual gas can escape.
HPC recommend the enclosure incorporate 4 vents total (minimum 18 sq. inches each side) to reduce the risk of thermal shutdown on the EI Series-some enclosures may require more ventilation based on material, size and extended use.
Installation of the vents in the mid to lower area of the enclosure is recommended.
Failure to properly vent enclosure may result in the fire pit overheating or explosion. Continuous overheating could lead to heat damage to internal components

Download Spec. Files

PDF Icon EI Round Tray Drawing - Download here


pdf-icon-copy.jpgEI Installations Instructions - Download here