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Professionals Account Program

In this modern era, with business as competitive as it is, we know how important it is to have even the smallest advantage over your competitors, which can be the difference to winning or losing a contract.

At The Magic Of Fire we're here to give your business the best boost up we possibly can.

As a result of customer demand, we launched our Professionals Accounts Program. If you are a registered business or individual involved with Landscape/Hardscape contracts, General Contractors or Gas Installations, we are sure you will appreciate the benefits of this program.

1. An extra 7% discount on our already low prices!
2. Free Shipping on all orders delivered within Continental US
3. Access to a dedicated Expert Advice / Help line.
4. Notification of all new products as soon as they are available.

To sign up to this great program for Professionals only, simply complete the form below, or call us on 844 631 7638

Please note admission to this program is solely at the discretion of The Magic Of Fire.   

Contact Details

427 N Tatnall St #55669
Wilmington, DE 19801

844-631-7638 Call Toll Free