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Music City Fire Pits

The Music City Fire Company are based of course, in Nashville Tennessee. They are the manufacturers of the worlds first Sound Reactive Fire Pits. 

First they design and create some awesome fire pits, which are great looking pieces of furniture.

Trackside Fire Pit From Music City Fire Co.

But not content with that achievement, they then build a specially designed, high quality sound system to the fire pit. Add some LED lighting to the fire pit to create some ambience and you're beginning to get the idea of what these guys have created.

But we are not done yet. To top it all off thy have developed some complex electronics that can control the gas flow into the burner of the fire pit in time with the music the system is playing, Sound Reactive Flame. Your fire pit flame dances to the rhythm of the music!

Resonate Fire Pit

Music City Fire Company have turned the humble fire pit into a complete entertainment center. Fire, Music, Lights and Dancing Flames!

All this is controlled by the touch pad screen on the fire pit or via an App Download from your iPhone or Android. Music can be streamed via Bluetooth from almost any source