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Lite Stones

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Lite Stones From American Fireglass

Are you ready for an upgade of your fireplace or fire pit? Then consider American Fireglass brand new Lite Stones as the perfect finishing touch. Lite Stones have an old world charm, while providing a minimalistic design and create a neat and uncluttered look in fireplaces and firepits.

Lite Stones also add color to the décor, and liven up your ambience.  This range of Stones is available in 8 beautiful colors, you will certainly be able to find one or more colors to suit your existing color scheme and décor.

Lite Stone Cpllection


Lite Stones get their color from an environmentally friendly ceramic stain that gets absorbed into the porous material, so these fire stones age gradually, and do not lose their color to heat and or the elements.

Lite Stones are supplied in sets of 15 selected stones which weigh about 5 lbs per set.

    Lite Stone Specifications:

    Material: 80% ceramic fibers, 10% silica gel, 9% ceramic dye, & 1% water
    Dimensions: Estimated stone height 1 ½” and estimated length 3"
    Features: One Lite Stone set covers an area of 15" x 6"
    Application: Lite Stones are not designed to be used without proper media base
    Warranty: 2 Year manufacture warranty
    Weight: Range from 0.5oz to 1oz per Lite Stone