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Linear Drop In Tray

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Linear Drop In Tray

The Linear Drop In Tray is perfect for those who want to build a slim line fire feature, which will burn with a line of flame along the length of the fire pit.


A Linear Drop In Tray fora  Fire Pit


All American Fireglass Linear Drop In Trays are 6" wide and available in standard lengths from 30" to 72" long. They come complete with the burner fitted, and are suitable for both Natural Gas or Propane.

Constructed from 304 Grade Stainless Steel, and with 5 year warranty, these trays will not rust and will last in in the harshest of conditions. The holes for the gas are drilled, not punched, which creates a smoother gas flow and therefore a better flame. The tray also has drain holes to allow any moisture collected to escape from the tray


The dimension represent the 'recessed area', the lip extends 1 1/4" on each side of the tray (see diagram), the tray is approximately 2 1/2" deep and you need to leave an extra 1" of clear space below that for the gas connection. To fit simply 'Drop In' the tray to sit on its lip for a professional looking result. All the plumbing is hidden below the tray. This will also help contain your fire glass, and stop it falling out of your fire pit.  

The Linear Drop In Tray can also be purchased as a complete kit which comes supplied with all the connections you need for either natural gas or propane and includes Pan, Burner, Fire Pit Connection Kit w/ Key Valve, and Push-Button Ignition Kit


What Size Cutout and How Much Fire Glass?

The table below shows the appropriate cutout size need for each tray and the quantity of fire glass recommended by the manufacturer to fill the tray. For a guide about how to use fire glass and save a little money follow our tips in our blog post here.

.Chart Showing The Specifications of various Linear Fire Pit Tray Sizes


Btu's and Flame Height

In the table above table you will see a reference to the BTU rating of the burners. This is particularly relevant if you are planing on using your domestic gas supply to fuel your fire pit. To avoid disappointment you need to ensure that your domestic gas supply has sufficient pressure to generate a decent flame on your fire pit. Take a look at this short article to give you the full low down on BTU's and flame height.