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HPC Deck Insulation Kit

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Locating a fire pit of any kind on a wooden or composite deck requires some extra precautions to be taken. Because wood burning fire pits tend to shoot out sparks and embers, a large area of the deck needs to be covered with fireproof material. Unfortunately, spark guards do not stop 100% of sparks and embers.

Gas fire pits, on the other hand, do not spit out red hot projectiles, but there are some very important precautions that should be taken when building a gas fire pit on a deck.

Gas Fire Pit On Decking

The temperature inside the structure of a gas fire pit can be very high, and this is where the risk lies when the fire pit is built on decking.

Fire Pit Heat Diagram

The first thing to check is that your deck is strong enough to support the weight of your fire pit! Some form of reinforcement may be necessary.

Your hard pipe gas feed should come up from underneath the deck and be located in the center of the fire pit structures footprint.


HPC the manufacturer of this Insulation kit recommend that you cover the entire base area of the fire pit structure with a layer of paver blocks (1” min. thickness) commonly found at your local builder’s store.

The insulation kit should then be laid over the entire area of the paver blocks, with the heat reflective silver side up, and the gas pipe stub sticking up above the layer in the center.

Section of Fire Pit using HPS Deck Insulation Kit


The specially engineered thermal barrier made from flameproof volcanic rock fiber ( Basalt ) blocks transmission of the heat.

Providing it is installed in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions, temperatures underneath the Insulation Kit are kept within the safety zone, and way below the range that can cause damage to your decking.

The matting is easily cut with a utility knife making installation simplicity itself. There are tw0 sizes to choose from, the smaller kit is 19.5 x 19.5 inches, and the larger one is 39.5 x 39.5 inches ( 1 sq. meter )

For larger fire pits, use multiple pieces together of the Basalt Insulation Kit and follow the manufacturers instructions.

Sectional Installation Diagram HPC Deck Insulation