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'H' Light Brass Bullet Burner

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'H Light Brass Bullet Burners by The Outdoor Plus

50% More Flame - 30% Less Gas than a conventional burner

Suitable for either Nat. Gas or Propane. No Air Mixer Valve required for Propane if using a Bullet Burner

'H' Light Brass Bullet Burner 24 x 6

The Bullet Burner is patented technology that creates a much bigger flame than the standard type of burners whilst consuming considerably less gas! See Video below.


 1 Minute Video Comparing Bullet Burner to Standard Burner

Available in 18 x 6, 24 x 6, 30 x 6, 36 x 6, 48 x 6, 60 x 6, 72 x 6 and suitable for either Nat. Gas or Propane ( Propane Air Mixer Valve NOT Required with Bullet Burner )

Flat Flame Technology

The Hexagonal Uniform Hub evenly distributes the gas through all ports of the burner, and the precisely placed bullet orifice
gives you the most efficient and effective flame. The Bullet Orifice unique design compresses gas flow to obtain a powerful flame, whilst consuming considerably less gas than a standard burner.

 Bullet Burner Details


Technical Specifications:

Bullet Burners consist of Brass Burner, 1/2” Nipple and are supplied Fully Assembled.

'H' Light Brass Bullet Burner Specification Sheet

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