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Fire Pit Wind Guards

A Fire Pit Wind Guard allows you to enjoy your fire pit safely in windy conditions that might otherwise make it impractical or even unsafe to do so.

Using a wind guard will minimize or even eliminate the considerable movement of your fire pit flame when it is hit by gusts of wind. One moment  you are feeling the evening chill because the flame is being blown away from you, the next minute your eyebrows are singed, as the wind drops and the flame swings back. With a wind guard the flame will be much more constant.

Stronger gusts of wind can even extinguish the fire pit flame, which is never a good thing.

Using a Fire Pit Wind Guard will allow you to enjoy your fire pit more often and more safely.

They are easy to assemble and should be manufactured from clear tempered glass, which allows you to still see the flame and its reflections in your fire glass.

At the Magic of Fire, we stock wind guards from American Fireglass and Firegear Outdoors, offering you a great variety of shapes and sizes,.