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Fire Pit Wind Guard - Linear

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American Fireglass Linear Wind Guard Kits

These Wind Guard Kits are specifically crafted to protect the American Fireglass Rectangular Drop In Pans, Linear Channel Burners and their new Square Drop In Pans from wind blown flame  restrictions. The Wind Guards are 6" high, ideal for gusty, windy or exposed locations. 


Wind Guards are also considered a safety feature as they provide a barrier to the flames. Not only does this particularly appeal to parents, especially those with young children but it also reduces the chances of items being blown in during use or drinks being knocked over into the flames.

 Actual Size

When ordering your Wind Guard, the sizes quoted refer to the size of the American Fireglass Linear Drop In Tray the Wind Guard was designed for. However, if you are purchasing a Wind Guard for use with a different brand of Tray or Pan, you should use the footprint dimensions shown in brackets below to choose one that best suits your requirements.

  • 30" x 6"    ( actual dimensions 35.5" x 11.5")  
  • 36" x 6"    ( actual dimensions 41.5" x 11.5")  Split Panel Design - See Image Below
  • 48" x 6"    ( actual dimensions 53.5" x 11.5")  Split Panel Design - See Image Below
  • 60" x 6"    ( actual dimensions 65.5" x 11.5")  Split Panel Design - See Image Below
  • 72" x 6"    ( actual dimensions 77.5" x 11.5")  Split Panel Design - See Image Below 


The Wind Guards are constructed of 3/16 inch tempered safety glass with polished edges and chrome corner brackets. They are available for use with Rectangular, Square and Linear Drop In Trays, are easily assembled in minutes and come with an American Fireglass 5 Year Warranty. 

We recommend the use of our Wind Guard Kits in all Drop In fire feature installations located in breezy or windy areas.



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