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Round Flat Tray

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Round Flat Tray

The Round Flat Tray is perfect if your particular design of gas fire pit does not include a capping stone, or if you are converting a existing vessel into a fire pit, and want the fire glass to be contained in the vessel rather than to the top of the vessel, as you can see in the pictures below.

Perfect use of a Flat Pan                              Ideal Vessel for Using a Flat Pan


The Round Flat Tray is manufactured from 304 grade Stainless Steel and can fitted with different size of burners depending on the size of Tray you purchase. It comes with drilled drainage holes, to avoid any moisture collecting on the tray. The Tray is ready to be fitted with an American Fireglass burner ( purchased separately)

The Round Flat Tray can also be purchased as a complete kit which comes supplied with all the connections you need for either natural gas or propane and includes Pan, Burner, Fire Pit Connection Kit w/ Key Valve, and Push-Button Ignition Kit.

As with all American Fireglass kit it carries a five year warranty against defects.

Choose the best size to suit the vessel you want to install the tray in, and then select the size of burner you want to fit to the tray.