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Fire Pit Kits with Electronic Ignition Systems

S.I.T. ( Smart Ignition Technology ) Systems

Smart Ignition Technology has been designed by American Fireglass to provide the highest level of safety and intelligent operations systems available for Natural Gas and Propane outdoor fire features.

This system allows you to light or extinguish your fire pit with a simple flip of a switch and your outdoor fire features are turned on or off as required. Alternatively, there is a Remote Control Option available too.

But more importantly, the flame when lit, is constantly monitored by the S.I.T System. If, for any reason a flame is not detected, the S.I.T System automatically makes several attempts to re-light the flame.

Ultimately, if the flame will not re-ignite then the system automatically closes the internal gas valve as a safety precaution.

Designed for the rigors of outdoor installation the S.I.T. System is a fully compliant 'Certified Appliance' in accordance with US & Canadian Safety Standards ANSI Z21.97-0212 & CSA 2.41-2012.

Although available as separate components, American Fireglass also provide the S.I.T System as part of a complete kit for their Square, Linear, Round and Rectangular Fire Pit Trays. Follow the Links for further details.

For the 30 and 36 inch size trays there is also an option to purchase a "High Capacity" version, but please ensure you have sufficient gas pressure for these particular units.