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Fire Pit Enclosure Vents

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Fire Pit Enclosure Vents

Fire Pit structures need venting for two very good reasons:

1. In the event of a gas leak inside the structure the through draft created by the venting will greatly reduce the build up of a potentially dangerous gas cloud.

2. The through draft helps cool the inside of the structure which is optimum for the equipment.

Air Flow Diagram

The minimum recommendation is a total of 36 sq inches of ventilation, divided between opposite sides of the structure, i.e. 18 sq inches each side,

HPC manufacture these enclosure vent covers to provide even more ventilation, which is no bad thing.

They provide two sizes of 'Flat' Vent plates 8 x 4 and 12 x 6 inches.


Flat Venting Cover


and one size of a louvered style plate 14 x 4 inches.


Louvered Style Cover