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Fire Glass

Fire Glass:

Fire Glass for your fire pit or fire place is available in such a wide range of colors that you will have no trouble creating or matching the decor style that you want. From Contemporary to Traditional at The Magic of Fire we've got you covered.

What does Fire Glass do?

Unlike wood or coal Fire Glass does not burn, it simply absorbs and reflects heat, whilst creating a spectacular display of the light and flames reflecting off the fire glass as if it were dancing on the surface of the glass. Fire Glass can be used with either natural gas or propane in your fire feature.  

Safety First:

Quality fire glass is manufactured from tempered glass and is designed for the specific purpose of being subjected to very high temperatures in fire pits and fireplaces.  It is not safe just to use any king of broken glass and put in the fire pit. Good fire glass when heated will not produce any smoke, ash, soot or toxic fumes.

Why Buy From The Magic Of Fire?

There are three great reasons to buy you fire glass from the Magic Of Fire:

1. We charge the same price on our website as we do on Amazon!

2. Every single order no matter the size or value includes Free Shipping on Mainland USA

3. All our Fire Glass range carries the Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

Technical Tip

To save some money on the cost of your fire glass, consider filling your fire pit tray or fire place with small sized ( 1/4 - 1/2 inch ) Lava stone first. Fill it up to and just above the burner with the lava rock, then place your fire glass on top of the Lava Stones. If in doubt have a look at our Blog Post  on this very subject, or call our Toll Free Help Line 844 - 631- 7638 for some free advice.