Fire Glass

Until the creation of Fire Glass we only had two options with which to decorate our indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits, and that was lava rock or faux logs.

Indeed both options are still very popular today, but when Fire Glass became available, it was like someone opening the curtains in a dark room on a sunny day.

We were instantly treated to a kaleidoscope of colors, inspiring the interior designer in us all.  Now we could, with the application of a compatible coloured Fire Glass, beautifully blend our fireplace into the overall theme of our rooms decor.

Alternatively, using the addition of a strong contrasting color, we could make our fireplace the central focus of our room.

The introduction of Fire Glass and its wide range of color options has literally transformed the way we decorate, for both our indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire features.

At The Magic Of Fire we only supply Fire Glass produced by American Fireglass, as they produce the highest quality product, covered by a Lifetime Warranty, that is currently available in the industry today.

To discover more about this amazing product, and how to use it, take a few minutes to read our article in the Tech Tips section of this website