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Fire Glass 2.0

Fire Glass 2.0 is the latest design from the fire glass Gurus at American Fire Glass, who have been innovators and leaders in the Fire Glass Industry since 2004.

Black Luster Fire Glass 2.0

The unique contemporary design of Fire Glass 2.0 is a regular square shaped piece of glass with rounded corners and is 1/2" thick. The stunning 'Luster' finish is the result of a 5 step specially engineered process on all 6 sides of the glass. When your fire pit is alight this will create a delightful spectacle of reflections as the flames dance on the surface of the fire glass mesmerizing your family and friends as they enjoy the evening around your fire pit.

Don't however be taken in by its good looks. This is tough stuff. Manufactured from tempered glass, this glass can handle harsh weather conditions and temperatures up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit without deterioration or discoloration.

Manufactured to the highest quality ensure that this glass does not emit any harmful chemicals, smoke, soot, or ash. As a result, if used under normal conditions it should easily last a lifetime and require little maintenance.

Copper Luster 2.0 Fire Glass

Fire Glass 2.0 can be used in fire pits and fireplaces and either indoors or out. It is available in a range of six colors and comes in easily to handle 10 lb bags. Just scroll down a little more to view the six color options.

To calculate how much fire glass you will need, visit our fire glass calculator here. Also, you may find our article about how to use fire glass interesting, you can find that here.