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Bullet Burners Review

Light Brass Bullet Burners

At The Magic Of Fire, we take great pride in bringing you only the best products on the market. In our professional opinion, there is no better fire pit burner on the market today than the Light Brass Bullet Burner from The Outdoor Plus Co. But please don't just take our word for it, listen to what two of our customers had to say and the images they sent in of their projects.

 Bullet Burners 2 x 12

Bruce F. used two 12" Triple S Burners to put alongside his pool and told us "On 'full throttle' the flame was about 3' high".

Bullet Burner Used In Fire Pit

 Brian used an 18" 'S' Type Bullet Burner and told us, "I was really skeptical when you told me that I needed a bullet burner, but I am so happy with it now, it looks awesome but I am  scared to turn the gas full on!"

When you absolutely have to have the biggest flame then you need a Light Brass Bullet Burner

What Are Light Brass Bullet Burners?

Bullet Burners are manufactured by The Outdoor Plus Co. ( TOP ) based in Ontario, California. These Fire Pit Burners are manufactured from Brass and incorporate TOP's patented Flat Flame technology.


50% More Flame 30% Less Gas

The output from these burners is a 50% fuller flame while consuming 30% less gas than a traditional burner. The Bullet Burner produces the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing flame, a taller fuller flame than the average burner. It also removes the need for an additional Air Mixer Valve when connected to a propane system.



For commercial operations that may be running a fire pit for many hours per day, several days per week, such as hotels, restaurants etc, it makes great sense to consider a Bullet Burner for your Fire Pit just for the gas-saving factor alone.

For every 30 days you run your fire pit in your restaurant, bar etc, for the same amount of gas usage you would only get 21 days with a standard burner!



The Hexagonal Uniform Hub evenly distributes the gas through all ports of the burner, and the precisely placed bullet orifice gives you the most efficient and effective flame. The Bullet Orifice unique design compresses gas flow to obtain a powerful flame, whilst consuming considerably less gas than a standard burner. 

Flat Flame Technology Details


Why Brass?

Most conventional fire pit burners are manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel and are usually covered by a five-year warranty. However, contrary to popular belief, Stainless Steel will ultimately rust especially in the harsh environment of a fire pit and will ultimately have to be replaced.

Brass, on the other hand, will not rust and the Light Brass Bullet Burner is manufactured from high-grade brass and is supplied with a Limited Lifetime Warranty! So it is no exaggeration to say this is a very long lasting burner indeed.

Where can I use a Bullet Burner?

A Bullet Burner can easily replace any standard burner for a pre-existing fire pit and is suitable for either natural gas or liquid propane. 

They are manufactured in the tradition 'H' Burner and Linear Burner configuration and in the unique 'S' burner style for a circular flame footprint

Custom Designs

If you planning a unique design of fire pit shape TOP can custom manufacture bullet burners for your project Just call our Help and Advice Toll-Free Number 844 631 7638 to get the project underway.

So What Are The Pro's and Con's


 A Bullet Burner...

Produces 50% more flame than a conventional burner

Uses 30% less gas than a conventional burner

Will not rust

Has a Lifetime Warranty

Over time it will pay for itself time and again

Made in the USA


Initial outlay is considerably more than a conventional burner.

Brass is not a cheap metal and these burners are not mass produced in a factory in China, so inevitably the initial outlay will be greater when compared to a mass-produced burner. These burners are handmade, assembled, and each one individually tested in California. It will literally last your lifetime and probably that of your heirs as well!

 However, despite producing a 50% bigger flame the fact that it is consuming less gas, 30% less gas is huge.


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