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Brass Crossfire Fire Pit Burner

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At the end of the day, no matter how well constructed your fire pit or fire feature is, how impressive the stone that you use to finish your fire feature looks, the success of your project will be judged by the height of the flame that your fire pit produces.

A beautifully crafted fire pit with a puny little flame, just won’t cut it!

Utilizing a unique specific air to gas mixture ratio Warming Trends Crossfire Burner produces twice the flame height when compared to an equivalent rated traditional round burner, and what’s more it achieves this using about half the amount of gas than a traditional round burner.

This innovative, state of the art technology has resulted in Warming Trends Crossfire Burners outperforming all others on the market place! All Warming Trends Crossfire Burners are ICC Design Certified.

Manufactured in-house from Brass in Warming Trends factory in Littleton, Colorado, these Burners will not rust and carry a Full Lifetime Warranty.

Available in either Natural Gas or Propane versions, Warming Trends classify these Burners by their BTU rating. There are six standard sizes available, ranging from a 60,000 BTU unit up to 350,000 BTU.

Please click on the size you require from the list below and you will be taken to the appropriate listing. We have shown the recommended size of opening with the BTU rating so you can make the correct selection.

Burner Ref: CFB60   - Recommended to Fit Inside an 18”- 26” Opening.
Burner Ref: CFB84   - Recommended to Fit Inside an 18”- 26” Opening.
Burner Ref: CFB120 - Recommended to Fit Inside an 27”- 34” Opening.
Burner Ref: CFB180 - Recommended to Fit Inside an 35”- 41” Opening.
Burner Ref: CFB250 - Recommended to Fit Inside an 42”- 48” Opening.
Burner Ref: CFB300 - Recommended to Fit Inside an 49”- 60” Opening.
Burner Ref: CFB350 - Recommended to Fit Inside an 49”- 60” Opening.