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Bio-Blaze Diamond II Fireplace

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Bio Blaze Diamond II Bio-Fuel Fire Place

No chimney or flue, no gas and no electricity required. This clean burning, non toxic, no soot, residue or smoke producing elegant fireplace can be easily and quickly installed on almost any wall, and as it is manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel, that can be any wall, indoors or out.

Available in a Brushed Stainless Steel finish, or a Powder Coated Black finish.

Fueled by Bio-Ethanal 100% natural fuel source.

The design style of the Diamond Fireplace range is undoubtedly contemporary, however both finish options are surprisingly adaptable, being equally at home in rustic and country house styles, as well as the more modern styles of architecture and decoration.

Both models are are available in either the powder coated Black finish or the Stainless Steel finish.

All Bio-Blaze® products are produced with high quality powder coated steel (DC01) and stainless steel (AISI 434), certified ISO 9001. Products tested and approved.


The Diamond II is available in either the Black or Stainless Steel finish and has  a maximum BTU rating of 6,824 ( 2 KW ). It can be easily and quickly installed onto almost any wall indoors or out.


The unit is 31 inches wide, 24.5 inches high and 7.5 inches at its deepest point, and the fireplace weighs 49 lbs.

No chimney, No Gas, No Flue, No Electricity required. This Diamond Fireplace is so versatile, it can be fixed to virtually any wall. Each unit comes with everything you need to hang the fireplace wherever you want it. It is as easy as One, Two, Three.

1. Ensure there are no pipes, cables or flammable material in the location where you wish to fix your fireplace.

2. Locate the supplied Hanging Bracket and screw to the wall in accordance with the instructions provided with your fireplace.

3. Hang the fireplace on the bracket.


About Bio-Fuel.

Bio-Ethanol is a 100% biological product, and is a renewable energy source made from the fermentation of sugars or starches derived from wheat, corn, sugar beets, sugar cane and other natural products that alcohol can be extracted from.

The combustion of Bio-Ethanol is a clean emission without soot or other by-products, and therefore Bio-Blaze fireplaces do not require a chimney. This enables all the heat produced by the fire to remain in the room, making it a very efficient and effective process.

Bio-Ethanol burns with a natural yellow flame creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, wherever you put it.

One litre/quart of bio-ethanol will burn around 3 hours with a cost of $1.50 per hour. So both the Diamond I and the Diamond II, having a fuel capacity of approximately 1 litre will generate approximately 3 hours of heat.

You can purchase bio-ethanol in cases of quarts, gallons or liters depending on the manufacturer. You will find it at Hardware Stores, on the Internet or at your local Bio-Blaze® retailers.

The Manufacturer.

Bio-Blaze®, is a family owned Belgium company founded in 2002 by Bart Lensink, offering the market a range of revolutionary flue less fireplaces. Bio-Blaze® products are assembled in our their own US factories enabling them to offer safe products of the highest quality.

Bio-Blaze® fireplaces and burners are all patented, tested and approved products.

The products of Bio-Blaze® have a warranty of 3 years worldwide. The consumer is obligated to read the safety and assembly instructions in order to guarantee a better use of the product. It is recommended that  the consumer respects and complies with all mentioned instructions.

To apply a warranty, the consumer is required to provide proof of purchase and contact the retailer where purchased Bio Blaze®.