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“Fire Pit Wind Guard. Adds elegant look to our firepit. Looks nice and adds a nicer touch to our firepit. It didn't come with any instructions, so I just had to figure it out by looking at the photo on the box. It isn't a perfect fit for our firepit, even though I measured, but it works ok so I'll keep it.”

Kim 18 March 2018

“ Rectangular Fire Pit Wind Guard. It looks great. Feels solid. Thanks for the rubber feet. Do wish you had glued the tiny cushions to the tightening screws -- it was a little unhandy when I had to remove them and then set them all back in place before I could insert the glass. No biggie, just a customer satisfaction nit.”

Mike..retired teacher and active granddad 5 March 2018

“Fire Pit Wind Guard. Perfect description, perfect item. It's exactly as we needed and expected.It looks great!”

K, 24 Feb 2018

“Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard. Outstanding condition as promised”

Anon 15 Feb 2018

“Fire Pit Pan Cover. Perfect , good material , fast delivery”

Richard H 1 Feb 2018

“Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard. Love it. Easy to assemble and very fast shipping. We bought it to keep our dogs tails from hitting the fire but it also makes the fire look ten times better.”

Book B 19 Jan 2018

“American Fireglass Spark Ignition Fire Pit Kit. Beautiful addition to any home. Wow what an improvement this item made to my backyard. Easy to install and awesome to watch. We got the glass to enhance the look and what great heat it gives off. Love this product!”

Amy Moret 19 Jan 2018

“Fire Pit Wind Guard. Quality product. Clean look & ease of assembly”

Bill meyer 18 Jan 2018

“It works very well. I was very pleased as the item came in earlier than expected. It was very easy to assemble. It looks awesome very pleased.”

Anon 13 Jan 2018

“Fire Pit Natural Gas Installation Kit. Good quality. Perfect BTU output. This photo is with it half open”

Anon 8 Jan 2018

“Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard. This is absolutely fantastic. Stops the flames from lying sideways in the wind, creates amazing reflections and making flames 4 times more visual from the reflections, glass radiates heat outward. Best experience improvement in a long time.”

David A Stanley 5 Jan 2018

“American Fireglass Rectangular Fire Pit Wind Guard. Easy to assemble amd looks and works great ”

Robby 24 Dec 2017

“American Fireglass Fire Pit Burner Cover. Great customer service.... Also, the product is 5 star quality ”

GC 18 Dec 2017

“Rectangular Gas Fire Pit Drop In Tray and Burner. Great burner set up. This burner works really well and is a great set up for the $. I got quotes for similar burners costing 3-5x as much. I filled the tray and around it with lava rock and put gas logs on top. My fire pit looks so natural that at first glance people think it’s a real wood fire ”

CJ 2 Dec 2017

“Great product and would highly recommend. This was the perfect solution for our particular fire pit. It cuts down on the wind effect on our fire and gives the fire an artistic look which we love ”

Anon 27 Nov 2017

“American Fireglass Fire Pit Natural Gas Installation Kit. Nice product. Product appears to be of high quality and worked perfect for my outdoor fireplace wood to propane conversion. ”


“American Fireglass Fire Pit Burner Cover. Very happy with this cover. 1 season so far and still no signs of any rust ”

Jennifer Prusaitis 11 Nov 2017

“Works great!! American Fireglass Fire Pit Glass Wind Guard. We received the fire pit glass wind guard and put it together on a fairly windy day, and it worked great!! ”

Ray H. 5 Nov 2017

“We are very happy with this wind guard. We got a fire pit for our deck and it is super windy in our backyard every evening. With this wind guard we are able to enjoy the fire pit without worrying about the fire blowing everywhere. It was easy to put together and the customer service was fabulous. we were missing a small part and they sent it right away. Wonderful experience.”

C. Salazar September 14, 2017

“I have a very long linear firepit behind my pool and was having a hard time finding a shied. Mark suggested I put two together and it worked perfectly! It was very easy to set up as well!”

Tanesha McKinley 9th May 2017

“The fire glass was better than you can imagine! ”

Anon 11th Mar 2017

“We built a custom outdoor "fire table" this summer and after installing a 48x6 burner it soon became apparent that we would also need a wind guard. With the flames down low any breeze would blow them over the side of the pan and cause soot marks. A higher flame and higher wind made 'downwind' diners wish they didn't have a beard! I was concerned with how well glass would survive shipment, when our package arrived there was no need for any concern. The wind guard is shipped ready for assembly and EXTREMELY well packaged. It comes in a custom built wooden shipping box with internal foam packing and small cork pieces to keep everything safe, secure, and well separated. Once unpacked it took all of five minutes to assemble, screwdriver is the only tool needed. We are very satisfied with the wind guard for our linear burner ”

Anon 2nd Nov 2016

“Fire pits are nice, we will be doing more business ”

Jeff Jan 17 2015

“Beautiful custom Fire Pit, that's just my style. The drop in fire pit kit allowed me to custom design my fire pit to reflect my style. The spark ignition is like magic, all I have to do in push the button and the fire appears. There's no need for a hand held lighter or matches. I must thank The Magic of Fire for a speedy delivery. I made the deadline, yeah! ”

A.W. Perine 19th May 2015

About The Magic of Fire

My name is Mark Oakley, and I’m the CEO and President of The Magic of Fire. I’m a real estate broker turned fire pit distributor. I’ve always loved sitting by a fire in the outdoors, relaxing, enjoying the sky and watching the flames. You won’t be surprised to hear that I think “it’s magic”.

During my years in real estate I saw how much value that a fire pit could add to outdoor living areas – whether on a home patio, in a backyard or in a hospitality space. So when I left real estate and explored for new opportunities, fire pits made a lot of sense. After all, I’d seen the good, the bad and the ugly for years.

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"…the customer service was fabulous. We were missing a small part and they sent it right away. Wonderful experience." - C. Salazar

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