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  • 25" Diameter Round Drop In Tray with Spark Ignition and Propane Connection Kit
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  • The Spark Ignition System
  • Natural Gas Connection Kit
  • The Propane Connection Kit
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Round Drop-In Pan w/ Spark Ignition Kit


Round Drop In Tray with Spark Ignition and Gas Connection Kit

We all have different ideas of how we want our custom gas fire pit to look, and what materials it will be made from. Common to all fire pits though, are the burners and a method to fit them. Utilizing an American Fireglass Stainless Steel Drop In Tray has to be one of the most easily installed systems available.

Why Use A Drop In Tray?

There are three good reasons to use a tray with an integral burner in your fire pit.

  • If you are using Propane to fuel your system then it is generally considered best practice to use a tray, and may in fact be a requirement of local codes. Why? Propane is heavier than air, so once it is released through the gas ports of the burner, its natural tendency is to sink  lower. The tray helps contain the propane gas, reducing the risk of pockets of unburnt gas collecting within the fire pit structure.


  • It is very simple to install a tray. During the construction of your fire pit structure, a ’shelf’ can be built upon which the tray can sit, and that’s it. All the plumbing is hidden out of sight below the tray, and it is very easy to remove for maintenance.


  • The tray is a great container for your fire pit media, be it fire glass or lava rock, holding it securely, and not allowing it to spill over. It also greatly reduces the amount required, which also helps keep the overall cost down.


What The Kits Consists Of:

These kits comprise of a Stainless Steel Drop In Tray and a Stainless Steel Burner, either a Natural Gas or Propane connection kit, and the Push Button Spark Ignition System.Details Of The Round Drop In Trays Construction

The Tray and Burner are manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel and are designed specifically for the rigours of outdoor installation.

The Gas Connection Kits are supplied with two 4' lengths of whistle free gas hoses attached to either side of a Safety Shut Off Valve. The valve is supplied with a Chrome Cover Plate and Chrome Key.

The Natural Gas version is supplied with 1/2" flair connection ends and a 1/2" flair to 1/2" pipe adapter.

The Propane versions are supplied with 3/8" flair connection ends and a 3/8" flair to 1/2" pipe adapter, an Air Mixer Valve and a Propane Gas Bottle Regulator.      

(Please note this Propane system is only for use with Propane Bottled Gas, not large domestic Propane tanks)

Drop In Tray Sizes and Specs.

These kits are available in two standard sizes 19" and 25" diameter. The following chart provides you with all the specifications you need for each size, including the BTU rating of the burner, and the recommended amount of Fire Glass your selected tray will require.



The Push Button Spark Ignition System

A battery powered Push Button Spark Ignition Systems means that there is no need to be running a mains electricity cable out to you fire pits location. Simply bolt the spark probe vertically onto the base of the tray in the provided location, and connect the supplied cable to the back of the push button unit you have fitted into your custom made 'control panel'. For convienence, we recommend installing the push button next to the Shut Off Key Valve supplied with your kit. Turn on the gas, push on the button, and you have fire! No matches blowing out, no damp tapers not lighting. This is the civilised way to light your fire pit!



Pro Tips To Help You Get The Best From Your Fire Pit Kit

- Ensure you have sufficient gas pressure to 'power' your burners BTU rating

- Don't forget to provide ventilation in your fire pit structure, at least 16 sq. in. on two opposing sides

- If using Propane ensure the venting is at the lowest point in the structure

- With Propane it is better to use 1/2" size fire glass

- If possible set your drop in tray at least 2" below the top of your fire pit structure ( to avoid the wind extinguishing your flame )

- Re: Above, if not possible use a fire pit wind guard

- Use a qualified Gas Technician

- Check your local codes regarding gas fire pit usage, it may have to be inspected and licensed

- For a more detailed explanation of any of the above, please see our Tech Tips section

  1. A good kit, but not 100% plug and play

    Verified Purchaser: Unknown

    I purchased the 25" drop in pan with 18" burner that came with a spark ignitor. Once I received the package in the mail a few days later, I noticed it was just drop shipped from the manufacturer. After learning this, I should've shopped around because it is available at other online retailers quite a bit cheaper. The box was missing a chunk of cardboard on one side. I inspected the pan where I found the outer ring on opposite sides had a 4" bend around the lip in 2 places. I was able to straighten the stainless steel out with a couple crescent wrenches. The hoses that come with the kit are too short. Well one of the hoses is sufficient in length, the one that goes from the key valve to the burner is fine. The other, if you are planning on concealing your tank anywhere other than directly next to your fire pit (which I would assume everyone would want to do) then you have to get some longer hoses. I was able to go to a propane filling store locally and purchase a longer hose with 3/8" flare ends. After getting the connections made and tested for leaks, I installed the pan into the newly built stone feature. I purchased 50 lbs of fire glass and filled the pan. The spark ignitor is too tall and would not ignite the propane. I read other reviews of this exact model where everyone has the same problem. This is a huge safety flaw unless you trim down the probes. I used a dremel tool with a metal cutoff wheel and trimmed the probes down about an inch. This fixed the issue. I do not think they should sell this as a "kit" when it is installed per recommendations and the spark ignitor doesn't work. The instructions are horrible. It states to connect the probe wire to terminal 2, well there is no numbers on the ignitor, so you have to test it out after connecting. Overall I think the quality of the pan and burner was good, other than the dents. The spark ignitor issue needs to be fixed. Overall satisfied with the product.

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