Gas Kits & Components

With a Fire Pit Kit, whether your DIY Fire Pit project is a wood burning or gas fire pit it has never been easier to achieve professional looking results than it is today. With our selection of Rockwoods Wood Burning Stone Fire Pit Kits you can have a superb looking stone fire pit in just one afternoon.

Alternatively, use one of our steel liners to provide stability and durability at the core of your own wood burning DIY Fire Pit construction project.

If gas is your thing, using one of the 'ready to finish' enclosures from Firegear USA, which can be bolted together in an hour, sets you off to a great start. Clad the enclosure with the finish of your choice, and you're nearly done. Select the appropriate 'Drop In Tray and Burner Kit with Spark Ignition', drop it in, connect it up ( hire a qualified Gas Technician, please ), and you're finished.

We have provided several DIY Fire Pit Infographic guides on our blog pages for both gas and wood burning designs.

Modern Fire Pit Kits make it simple to build your own fire pit, no matter how experienced you are.