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American Fireglass Classic Collection

Pure, stunning colors from the American Fireglass Classic Collection. This is The Fire Glass range by which all other fire glass products are judged.

Manufactured from new, premium grade, high temperature, tempered safety glass. This glass will not emit fumes, smoke, emit toxic gasses or create soot, when used correctly, and carries a lifetime warranty.

This is the finest quality fire glass available in the industry.

Fireglass Sizes:

 The Classic Collection is available in two sizes, 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch thick pieces of fire glass.

The 1/2 inch fire glass is particulaly good in large fireplaces, fire pits and fire features, where the 1/4 inch may appear a little flat.

1/4 inch fire glass is the preferred size for indoor, vented fireplaces. 

Fire Glass Applications:

 American Fireglass can be used with either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, and can be utilized in vented indoor fireplaces, and outdoor fire pits and fire features.

How Much Fire Glass Do I Need?

To calculate how much fire glass you need for a square or rectangular fire pit use our calculator here.

For round fire pits the calculator page is here.


Minimum Order Quantity:

Our minimum order quantity is 10 lbs, ( our smallest fire pit tray requires 12 lbs. ) and the listed price for Fire Glass is per pound, with a minimum quantity of 10 lbs.  Over and above that you can order any quantity, and its not limited to 10 lb. units.

Delivery is Free on the US Mainland.





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American Fireglass stands behinds it's products 100%. They offer a LIFETIME warranty on all of our glass products, and a 5 year warranty on burner products due to manufacture defects or workmanship. Ignition Systems are subject to the manufactures warranty. Proof of purchase is required.

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“We are very happy with this wind guard. We got a fire pit for our deck and it is super windy in our backyard every evening. With this wind guard we are able to enjoy the fire pit without worrying about the fire blowing everywhere. It was easy to put together and the customer service was fabulous. we were missing a small part and they sent it right away. Wonderful experience.”

C. Salazar September 14, 2017

“I have a very long linear firepit behind my pool and was having a hard time finding a shied. Mark suggested I put two together and it worked perfectly! It was very easy to set up as well!”

Tanesha McKinley 9th May 2017

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Anon 11th Mar 2017

“We built a custom outdoor "fire table" this summer and after installing a 48x6 burner it soon became apparent that we would also need a wind guard. With the flames down low any breeze would blow them over the side of the pan and cause soot marks. A higher flame and higher wind made 'downwind' diners wish they didn't have a beard! I was concerned with how well glass would survive shipment, when our package arrived there was no need for any concern. The wind guard is shipped ready for assembly and EXTREMELY well packaged. It comes in a custom built wooden shipping box with internal foam packing and small cork pieces to keep everything safe, secure, and well separated. Once unpacked it took all of five minutes to assemble, screwdriver is the only tool needed. We are very satisfied with the wind guard for our linear burner ”

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“Beautiful custom Fire Pit, that's just my style. The drop in fire pit kit allowed me to custom design my fire pit to reflect my style. The spark ignition is like magic, all I have to do in push the button and the fire appears. There's no need for a hand held lighter or matches. I must thank The Magic of Fire for a speedy delivery. I made the deadline, yeah! ”

A.W. Perine 19th May 2015