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Wood Fire Pits

I am a huge fan of Wood Burning Fire Pits. I just love the full on experience of leaping flames, popping logs and the smell of buning wood. Okay, I accept they are a bit more work than a gas fire pit. You don't have the instant on/off function, you have to be a lot more carefull, and always use a spark screen, and of cousre you have to clear up the ashes afterwards. But, hey, that's just my opinion, just so long as you're enjoying being outdoors around a fire pit with friends and family then there is no wrong option!

The Magic Of Fire carries a carefully selected range of wood burning fire pits, starting with the entry level options under $100  (e.g. Landmann Halo Fire Pit ) to the top of the range copper, bronze or cast iron. Wood Burning Fire Pits provide the full on 100% fire pit experience, big flames, cracking logs, lots of heat and that great burning wood smell. Oh, and you can cook on them too!


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