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  • Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit with Cooking Grate
  • The Big Sky Is Also Available In Black In The Stars and Moon and Wildlife Version
  • Trees Pattern Of the Big Sky Fire Pit
  • Stars and Moon Pattern Of the Big Sky Fire Pit
  • Wildlife Pattern Of the Big Sky Fire Pit
  • Western Pattern Of the Big Sky Fire Pit
  • Close Up Of The Details Of The Big Sky Fire Pit
  • Looking Into The Bowl Of The Big Sky Fire Pit
  • Landmann Big Sky Tree Leaves - Georgia Clay
  • Cooking Grate and Poker is Included
  • Big Sky in Black with Moon and Stars Pattern
  • Black Version Of the Big Sky Fire Pit with Wildlife Pattern
  • Big Sky Fire Pits Come Complete with A BBQ Grill

Big Sky with Cooking Grate

$234.95 $189.99
(You save $44.96)

Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit

  • 29.5 x 29.5 x 20.8" H  Weighs 36 lbs
  • Full Diameter Handle
  • Enamel Cooking Grate Included
  • Spark guard and poker included
  • Large Bowl 23.5” diameter Bowl
  • Bowl Depth 12.5”
  •  Sturdy Steel Construction
  • Hanging Height 4 ft
  • Painted steel 538°C rated
  • Quick and Easy assembly ( 15 minutes )

Out of the box, easily assembled, and ready to go in fifteen minutes, the Big Sky Fire Pit from Landmann is available in 4 different designs, and two colors. The large 23.5" diameter bowl provides a full 360 degree view of the fire, and the patterned insets in the side of the bowl aren’t just there for show. They allow a through flow of air to help the fire burn efficiently. Each Big Sky Fire Pit is supplied with an Full-Size porcelain cooking grate included, the spark screen and a poker, everything you need to fully enjoy your fire pit.The Big Sky Fire Pit Dimensions

Color Choices

Available in two color options, the distinctive Georgia Clay or the elegant Black ( only available with the Stars and Moon or the Wildlife pattern )

Big Sky Fire Pit Color Options

Pattern Choices:

There are 4 pattern options in the Georgia Clay version and two in the Black version.


Big Sky Fire Pit Patterns

Cooking Grate

The Landmann Enamel Coated Grate


One of the advantages of a wood buring fire pit over a gas one is that you can safely cook food on it. The Big Sky Fire Pits are all supplied with an enameled cooking grate. One of the biggest chores of cooking food over the fire is the cleaning of the cooking grate afterwards. With an enameled coated cooking grate, you'll be amazed at just how easy it is to clean, usually, just holding under some running water and a quick wipe down will be enough to have it ready for your next bbq. It couldn't be easier. Big Sky Fire Pit in BBQ Mode

Spark Safety Screen


Spark Screen

Every wood burning fire pit should utilize a Spark Screen. We are all familiar with the horror stories of fires started by a single ember or spark, and a spark screen is the best way to avoid this. There are also a couple of other good reasons to use a spark screen, not least to prevent kids or pets getting too close to the flames. Therefore as a safety issue a fire pit screen needs to fit well and getting one that has been designed especially to fit your fire pit is the best way to go. The Big Sky Fire Pit range are all supplied with a Fire Pit Screen as part of the package.

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