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About Us

Mark Oakley CEO of The Magic Of Fire           


Hi there,

My name is Mark Oakley, I am the CEO and President of The Magic Of Fire.
There are regrettably 3 things that purchasing your fire pit equipment from The magic of Fire, that we absolutely, 100% can not guarantee:

1. A Fire Pit from The Magic Of Fire will not make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

2. A Fire Pit from The Magic Of Fire will not help you pick next weeks winning lottery numbers.

3. and this is a biggie:

A Fire Pit from The Magic Of Fire will not stop your sleepless nights when your teenage daughter starts dating!

Sorry guys, we good, but we’re just not that good.

I would like to reassure all our customers however, that our Research and Development team are working 24/7/365 to find a resolution to these shortcomings in our otherwise excellent service.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself, quite understandably, why should I buy my fire pit from these people then?

Well, it turns out that we do offer the sort of service that many other fire pit company’s struggle to equal.

For example:

We take more care of our customers eyebrows, than any other fire pit company - in the world.

You, the customer, deserve the best technical advice available, and the quality of that advice is very much dependant on our own broad base and years of diverse experience combined with that of our clients.

Take Rich as an example. Rich lives in Florida, and called us one summer evening. Now I have a system in place that if we receive a call to our help/advice line after hours, it immediately pings me on both my phone and laptop.

So I dialled into Richs’ message and it went something like the following; " Hi Mark, this is Rich from Florida, I got my fire pit kit and I am installing it now. Its all really nice kit, and easy to install, but there is something wrong. I can’t get a flame and I can smell gas”.

If you ever want to see how fast a fire pit company owner can move, try saying the words ‘I can smell gas’ and watch him/her go!

I called Rich right away. He was on his mobile phone standing by his fire pit, so I was able to talk him through the set up. We needed to check everything, so we started at the gas bottle, and yes it had some gas in it. Next I asked Rich to turn off the shut off valve, then turn on the gas at the bottle, let a little back pressure build up for 10 secs, before opening the shut off valve. ( Propane regulators have a flow sensor, if the gas seems to be flowing too quickly, it assumes a gas leak, and cuts back the gas flow. Hence we needed to build up a little back pressure to counter that.) But no, still no flame.

Next, I asked Rich to check the Shut Off valve, he told me the key was moving freely over the full range. He checked the arrow stamped onto the side of the shut off valve for me, and Rich confirmed yes it was pointing in the direction of the gas flow, i.e towards the fire pit burner tray.

At this point, I must admit, I was getting a little concerned, as we were running out of things to check. Then it struck me. I asked Rich to confirm he had installed the Air Mixer Valve to the base of the fire pit tray. "Is that that small brass fitting with a Venturi " he asked, “Thats it”, I said. “Yes I attached that” he, said, so I asked, with fingers crossed, which way is the arrow that is stamped on the side of the air mixer valve pointing? "Pointing down" he said, “Down” I said, “back towards the shut off valve?”, I asked. “Yes”, said Rich. Bingo, we found the problem.

I asked Rich to refit the Air Mixer with the arrowThis is not Rich pointing up, in the direction of the gas flow, towards the burner tray, which he duly did. “I am going to light it now” he said, “hang on the line”. “Rich”, I yelled, but it was too late he had put down his phone. After a few moments I heard a scream and some good old cussing, then Rich comes back on the phone, “Okay", he says, a little out of breath, "we got a flame. but I haven’t got any eyebrows left!" Right, I thought, my work here is done!

It is on such a wide base of experiences with our clients that we have the resources to offer help and advice to overcome any issues that may occur installing one of our fire pit kits, and to offer a level of service so diverse that we even now offer eyebrow protection care.

Our thanks to Rich, who went above and beyond the call of duty as a client, and who’s scorching experience was caused by the sudden appearance of nearly 18 inches of flame leaping out of his burner. ( I did try to warn him, but he was so excited to see if we had solved the problem, that he had put down his phone and lit the fire pit before I could get a word out! ). Ultimately though, Rich was really happy with his flame and not very concerned with his eyebrows. All’s well that ends well.

In all seriousness however, with our Toll Free Advice/Line, Online Chat system and straight forward email, you can get in touch with us easily, and we love to chat about fire pits, among other things.

In 2015 over 90% of our orders were dispatched within 24 Hrs of receipt, and if delivered within the continental US, within 5 woking days. And if you are in the Continental US remember, the delivery of every order is Free, no matter how small.

A safe and secure website, free delivery to your door and a great range of products to cover every style of fire pit. And thanks to Richs sacrifice, we now know how to care for your eyebrows too.

Let’s be honest where else are you going to that kind of service.

Thanks for visiting our website.



















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