How to Build an In-Ground Fire Pit using a Fire Pit Liner

How to Build an In-Ground Fire Pit using a Fire Pit Liner


How to build an In-Ground Fire Pit

Mark out a circle on the ground with a diameter measuring that of your fire pit liner plus a few extra inches. Tip: Insert a stake in the centre of the fire pit area, attach string (the length of half the diameter), mark out a circle with the other end pulled tight.

Dig a hole. The depth of which will depend on the dimensions of your liner and your municipal code requirements for the depth of gravel or sand upon which a fire pit must be placed. Also take into account that when finished, the liner should sit one inch above the surrounding ground level. Your local code may state that gravel or another non combustible material must ring your fire pit and provide a minimum distance and depth guide, so make sure you allow for this.

Add pea shingle to the required depth. Rake smooth and tamp down. We recommend pea shingle for its drainage qualities and ease with which it can be kept clean of ashes.

Assemble and insert the fire pit liner.

Backfill around the outside of the ring using pea shingle.

Add a layer of gravel or other non combustible material to the area surrounding your fire pit as specified by your local municipal code. Many local authorities also require the use of a safety screen and insist on other safety precautions when using your fire pit. Check that you comply with all such regulations. Then, light your fire, sit back and enjoy! 


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